a contribution to cooking culture

cast iron pots, pans and roasters made of uncoated cast iron


We manufacture pots, pans and roasters in our artisan workshop Berthold Hoffmann studio in Nuremberg. What distinguishes our products from those of other suppliers is 

  • the individual functional design (design and product development are carried out at Atelier Berthold Hoffmann)
  • small-scale handcrafted production (production is carried out to customer order)
  • the use of uncoated cast iron (this prevents damage to the coating)
  • optimal suitability for induction stoves (due to the physical property of magnetism in cast iron)

"cook and serve"

Cast iron pans, pots and roasters are made in the Berthold Hoffmann studio for cooking and design enthusiasts from uncoated cast iron and fired black with linseed oil and are ready for immediate use. They are sturdy tools for cooking and beautifully shaped objects for serving food at the table. The robust design guarantees a lifetime of use. The pots, pans and roasters are characterized by a special heat conductivity. Searing at a high temperature for beautiful browning as well as gentle, energy-saving cooking at a low temperature is excellent in cast iron pots and roasters. Naturally, the cast iron pans, pots and roasters from "HOFFMANN-METAL-VESSELS" are suitable for all types of stoves.

Product note: The dimensions in the product description are nominal dimensions that may vary due to the individual craftsmanship !