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circular cast iron pan with lid perfect for induction

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The circular cast iron pan with lid from "HOFFMANN-METAL-VESSELS" is perfect for cooking with induction.

Puristic design and good functionality are the special features of this pan, while the simple handles ensure safe handling of the cast iron pan. The inner lid of the uncoated cast iron pan closes the pan body perfectly. The cast iron material is characterized by its special heat conductivity, even heat distribution and heat storage.

  • minimalist design and great functionality
  • uncoated cast iron, black-fired with linseed oil
  • Suitable for all types of stoves, perfect for induction
  • small-scale handcrafted production in Germany
  • Dimensions: DxH 30x9 cm, volume: 2.5 ltr., weight: 8 kg

Cooking, frying, baking

The circular cast iron pan with lid offers you a wide range of uses. As an all-rounder with a large flat inner surface, it is ideal for searing large pieces of meat, e.g. chops or steaks, as well as for potato gratin, goulash, etc. It can also be used as a baking dish for bread or cakes. The pan is also ideal for baking bread or cakes.

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