a contribution to cooking culture

"HOFFMANN-METAL-VESSELS", a contribution to cooking culture 

" Out of a passion for individual design and craftsmanship, we produce cast iron cookware and sterling silver tableware as a contribution to cooking and table culture for cooking and design enthusiasts in the Berthold Hoffmann studio in Nuremberg."     

the product range:

We manufacture objects of cooking and table culture in an individual, timeless design in small-scale, handcrafted production in my workshop in Nuremberg. "Handmade in Germany" is guaranteed and not just an advertising slogan.

 Product development and production are in one hand.

Our aim is to produce in line with demand while conserving resources. The quantities produced are determined by customer demand.

This sets us apart from suppliers of industrially manufactured mass-produced goods.

Our cast iron products are not coated and are suitable for a lifetime of use. Cast iron pots, pans and roasters are the perfect tool for your induction stove.

You can find our product range here:

Cast iron pots, pans and roasters

Cast iron fondue sets and tepanyaki grills

Cast iron mortar and heater

Sterling silver cook- and tableware



The next exhibition date has been set:

  • "EinBlick-Biennale 2024" Ateliertage für angewandte Kunst im Raum Nürnberg vom 8. bis 10. November 2024. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch. Zur Website
  • "MK&Gmesse" im Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg vom 27.11.-1.12.2024. Gezeigt wird deutsches und internationales Kunsthandwerk der Spitzenklasse. zur Website
  • "Designte Töpfe aus Gusseisen – eine Anschaffung für die Ewigkeit" der Bayerische Rundfunk gibt einen Einblick in meine Arbeit: zum Filmbeitrag


Berthold Hoffmann, founder, designer, producer

In 1985 I founded the Atelier Berthold Hoffmann in Nuremberg, the perfect place for creativity and craftsmanship. Under the label "Hoffmann-Metallgefässe" (Hoffmann-metal-vessels), I publish the vessel objects and utility vessels I produce.

The fascination for fire and the energy-charged atmosphere of iron casting have awakened my passion for the design and production of cast iron cooking utensils and led to a long-term cooperation with the Neumarkt foundry "Max Ginter".

The photos taken by photographer Lars Harmsen in the Neumarkt iron foundry are an impressive statement for the art of iron foundrymen.

Foundry impressions

Taking part in competitions and exhibitions is an essential part of my self-employed work. Here you will find a selection:

Awards and exhibitions

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