a contribution to cooking culture

Foundry Impressions, the art of ironworkers

"The fascination for fire and the energy-charged atmosphere of iron casting have awakened my passion for the design and production of cast iron cooking utensils and led to a long-term cooperation with the Neumarkt foundry "Max Ginter".

As a specialist in the production of individual and small series pieces, the Neumarkter Eisengiesserei has been an important cooperation partner in the production of my cast iron products for years. The proximity to the foundry enables me to have a permanent exchange with the foundry employees when producing my objects. The constant dialogue and the passing on of knowledge about casting technology and its further development, which has been handed down over generations, enable me to produce perfectly crafted cast iron objects.
Every visit to the foundry is an impressive experience. With the power of fire, pig iron and scrap iron are melted in the cupola furnace and poured into the sand molds as pure liquid iron to produce new cast iron products.

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