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beautifully shaped oval cast iron roaster perfect for induction

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The oval cast iron roaster with lid from "HOFFMANN-METAL-VESSELS" combines minimalist design with functionality. The handles are unobtrusive in shape, but allow the cast iron roaster to be handled safely. The inner lid of the roaster made of uncoated cast iron closes the roaster perfectly. The cast iron material is characterized by its special heat conductivity, even heat distribution and heat storage.

  • Purist design and great functionality
  • uncoated cast iron, black-fired with linseed oil
  • optimum heat conductivity and storage capacity
  • suitable for all types of stoves and ideal for the oven
  • small-scale handcrafted production in Germany
  • Dimensions: LxWxH: 30x25x15 cm, volume: 6.0 ltr., weight: 11 kg

Cooking, roasting, baking

The oval cast iron roaster is ideal for roasting and braising meat, fish, potatoes and casseroles. When searing on the stove, you can achieve a nice crust on the roast meat and thanks to the good heat retention of the cast iron, you can slowly braise the food in the oven.

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