a contribution to cooking culture

Fondues and table grills: "cooking together with friends"

Cast iron fondues and table grills from "HOFFMANN-METALLGEFÄSSE" are supplied with powerful burners for your unlimited cooking experience.

"Cooking together at the table":

cast iron tepanyaki grills and fondue sets pay homage to the historic fireplace in a contemporary design for a shared cooking experience with friends at the table. Both indoors and outdoors, the table grills and fondue sets are autonomous cooking appliances at the center of the table.
The square table grill and the large fondue set are heated with a handmade 2-chamber gasification burner for liquid spirits from Atelier Berthold Hoffmann. The "Konus" fondue set and the round table grill are supplied with a stainless steel gas burner from the "Kisag" brand.

Product note: The dimensions in the product description are nominal dimensions that may vary due to the individual craftsmanship !